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Community Disclosure Scheme

Community Disclosure Scheme for parents

If parents, carers or guardians of children under 18 are concerned that an adult who has contact with their children might be a sexual offender, they can make a formal request for information about that named person.

For example, a single mother may want to find out more about her new boyfriend.

Community disclosure gives parents, carers or guardians a more formal way to request information about someone involved in their family life, specifically if they are concerned that the person might be a child sexual offender.

There's a common myth that most sex offences are carried out by strangers.
The reality is very different.

The vast majority of sex offenders are known to the victim and often they are an acquaintance or family member. In 86% of child protection referrals, where action was required, the primary known or suspected abuser was the child's natural parent. In only 1% of cases was the abuser unknown to the child or their family.

The police will discuss your concerns with you and decide whether it is appropriate for you to be given more information, and whether this will help protect the child involved.