Child Abuse

Children have the right to feel safe and be safe from harm and grow up in a safe caring environment.

You have the right to be protected from people who may harm you.

What is child abuse?

Child abuse is when a child or young person is being hurt or harmed or not being looked after properly. Abuse can happen to children and young people of any age.

If you or someone you know feels unsafe

Tell someone you can trust. This could be a relative, friend, teacher, police or social worker.

Abuse is always wrong. It is never your fault.

It is important that you do talk to someone who will listen to you and contact the right people to help you or the person you are worried about to be safe.

What will happen after I tell someone?

If the person you first speak to does not take you seriously speak to someone else. Your privacy should be respected but the person you speak to may contact social work or the police so that they can help you. You or the person you are concerned about has the right to be told what will happen next.

Want to read more?

You might want to check the information on the Young People’s pages too.


Need to speak to someone?

If you are in immediate danger, Dial 999.  If you want to speak to someone because you are worried our frightened,
phone: Social Work 0303 123 1008 or call ChildLine Scotland 0800 1111