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What If You’re Right? Campaign

Published: Tuesday, 06 February 2024

South Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee supports What if You’re Right Campaign.

Launched by Child Protection Committees Scotland and Barnardo’s Scotland the What If You’re Right? campaign urges the general public to really look, listen and notice signs that all is not well with a child, and take immediate action if they suspect the child might be being sexually abused. Both Child Protection Committees Scotland and campaign partner Barnardo’s Scotland understand that people can be hesitant about acting on a gut feeling, but taking action is essential to help prevent lifelong damage.

Its important that adults know how to spot the signs of child abuse and exploitation, and how to do something about it. Further information on spotting the signs and indicators of sexual abuse can be found on the Centre for Experise on child sexual abuse website.

It’s everyone’s job to keep children safe from harm, and we all need to play our part to help limit the long-term damage child sexual abuse can cause. Dont wait for someone else to take action, report concerns yourself. Yes, it can be scary to speak up, but we need to be brave and not ignore signs that there’s a potential problem.

Anyone who is worried that a child might be being sexually abused can visit the Child Protection Scotland website for information about how to take action or contact Social Work Resources on 0303 123 1008 or Police Scotland on 101, or if a child is in immediate danger, please call 999. 


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