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CPC Scotland #speakup Child Protection Campaign

Published: Thursday, 02 March 2023

Speak Up Campaign

South Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee supports Child Protection Scotland’s #speakup Campaign, encouraging children and young people to speak up if they are experiencing neglect harm or abuse.

Times have been very tough for children and young people in recent years. The pandemic has resulted in a significant increase in young people’s mental health issues, and many families are living in conditions of considerable stress as the cost-of-living crisis continues to exert its grip.

Some children and young people can put on a mask or a happy face to hide that they are having a bad time, even if they’re being neglected or abused. If that’s happening, it’s important to ask for help #speakup. We understand it can be really scary for children and young people to #speakup if they’re being abused or neglected at home or by someone else but encourage them to talk to a friend or an adult they trust, as it’s always better to ask for help.


#speakup campaign - 60 sec video (vertical) - YouTube

Check out the CPC Scotland website for more information.

Speak Up - Child Protection Scotland