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Child trafficking

If you work with children or families or within the community, its important to be alert to the possibility of child exploitation.

This can include child labour, for example on cannabis farms; debt bondage, domestic servitude, begging, benefit fraud, drug trafficking, illegal adoptions, forced/illegal marriage, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

Because trafficking requires a multi-agency response at all levels, North and South Lanarkshire Child Protection Committees have prepared Interagency guidance for child trafficking in order to provide information and guidance to all members of the children’s workforce in Lanarkshire so that professionals and others are able to identify trafficked children and make appropriate referrals so that victims can receive protection and support. 

The document is designed as a practice guidance to be read in conjunction with the Scottish Government publication “Safeguarding Children in Scotland who may Have Been Trafficked” and other relevant national and international papers. 

The West of Scotland child protection procedures remain our  primary guidance documents for investigation and identification, or not, of child trafficking victims.

The NSPCC National Child Trafficking Advice and Information Line is a service for anyone with concerns about human trafficking. The number is 0800 107 7057